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Abacus Translations is a medium-sized, approachable company located in the heart of Europe, which has offered its customers a Meticulous and a highly Reliable service since 1987.

All the translators working in the Abacus network are qualified professionals, tried and tested in their specialist areas, who translate into their mother tongue - an essential mark of quality.

Outstanding translation quality, fair prices and scrupulous adherence to the confirmed deadlines, as well as guaranteed confidentiality, are the basis of our success.

Since 1987, our Swiss translation company has been translating all types of texts meticulously and with great care, always respecting confidentiality. Our translation agency works within the strict framework of the profession, exclusively into our mother tongues and in our areas of expertise... and if you need it, from one day to the next.

For longer-term projects or for repeat orders, the texts are dealt with by the same translator, over a period of months or even years. It saves you having to repeat laborious explanations when placing your orders, and ensures a consistent style for your translations.

The rigorous application of these principles, and the exacting standards we apply in selecting our translators, based on their training and experience, mean that we can offer you an impeccable service.

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In a recent customer survey
59% Customers rated Abacus as Good
35% Customers rated Abacus as Excellent