Charges and Terms

Our pricing is a carefully calculated rate for professional translations based on; the volume to be translated, the style of the translation, the degree of difficult, the source and target languages, as well as the required deadline all have to be considered. Abacus Translations Ltd has more than 25 years of experience in this field.

  • With Abacus: a clear and well structured pricing policy

    All Abacus prices are exclusive of VAT, based on a price per line of 50-55 characters including spaces. Incomplete lines are offset. Texts of ageneral nature, and texts dealing with specialist fields, translated from and into the major European languages, cost between CHF 2.00 and CHF 4.00 per translated line. Other services on request.

  • With Abacus: free quotation with fixed prices, and no surprises

    You know in advance how much a translation will cost you. You send us the document to be translated, Abacus analyses the content, finds out the number of lines to be translated and the deadline for delivery, and fixes an appropriate price based on the current rate, which is quickly transmitted to you in the form of a precise offer. And all this completely free of charge.

  • With Abacus: even when it's urgent, prices remain competitive

    For particularly urgent work, Abacus normally adds a surcharge of between 25 and 50 % on the fixed basic rate. This surcharge depends on the volume and the degree of urgency. It is listed in the offer. For its most loyal customers, Abacus is able to occasionally offer a special price.

  • With Abacus: no minimum charges with 'hidden traps'

    The minimum charge invoiced per translation order is CHF 90.00. It is the same regardless of the number of languages concerned. Thus, the amount of CHF 90.00 is charged only once for a translation order of a few lines in French, English and Italian, for example, provided that the total amount is less than the minimum charge.

  • With Abacus: faultless delivery on the agreed date

    We supply our translations via the Internet, by fax or post, exactly as you wish. We charge a small standard amount of CHF 10 per delivery. Of course, Abacus attaches particular importance to delivering on time.

  • With Abacus: Loyalty pays off

    Your translation volume is taken into account: Abacus offers a graduated discount of 5 to 20% for an annual volume starting at CHF 10'000. Even more favourable terms can be agreed for corresponding volumes or regular translation orders. Please enquire.